Wednesday, March 8, 2023, 7:00-8:30 p.m.


  • Basketball Fundraiser 5/12
  • Committes needed
  • STEM Night 3/24
  • Plant Sale update open now
  • International Fair update 4/28 and vote
  • Yard Sale 6/3 update
  • School start times update ongoing

Budget Report

Plant Sale Information

More plant sale information can be available on our Plant Sale page.

Orders can be placed here:

(Community Members/Attendees)

Meeting Minutes

Lisbon Elementary PTA Meeting
Date: Wednesday, March 8, 2023
Time: 6:30- 7:00 Open Chat | 7:00 – 8:30 Regular Meeting

(PTA Elected Officials)

  1. Cathy Datz,
  2. Diane Byrne,
  3. Emily Metzler
  4. Danielle Pientka,
  5. Ellen Bockelman

(Community Members/Attendees)

  1. School Principal – Debra Anoff
  2. Mancy Mehta
  3. Karen Landry
  4. Elizabeth Dudley,
  5. Emily Metzler,
  6. Tim Goetzinger
  7. Christina Terranova

A. Call to Order
B. Introductions
C. Meeting Minutes Approval:
• Motion by C. Datz
• Second by D. Byrne

D. Principals Report:
• Finishing science portion of MCAP testing
• Update on school start times
• Mason Jar fundraiser was amazing.
• Restaurant night at 4/18/23; EW Becks
• Field Day tshirts available now. Events will be slightly different this year. Stay
• Testing will follow spring break.

E. Asst. Principal Report – Not Present.

F. Teachers Report – Not Provided.

G. Regular Agenda Items:

• Basketball Fundraiser 5/12:

i. Sign up genius for volunteers forthcoming
ii. Need help getting business sponsors
iii. Need volunteers to help with: student volunteers, raffle ticket sales,
sales of candy bars/water, management of souvenir tables, five security
participants, one locker room security person, parking assistance, will call
at game for tickets.

• STEM Night 3/24 – Prep is progressing. In need of volunteers. STEM chair is
still coordinating prep with other parties. Event start time is 6:30 PM. Set up
begins at 5:30.
• Yearbook – information forthcoming.
• Plant Sale (open now):

• International Fair 4/28 (requires vote):
i. Two people signed up as of right now.
ii. Same night as battle of the books.
iii. Switching to 4/14 and transitioning to an outdoor international
iv. Vote to move the event and switch the format of the event: Ms.
Anoff, Emily Metzler, Danielle Pientka, Diane Byrne, Elizabeth Dudley,
Tim Goetzinger; Cathy Datz, Mancy Mehta

• Yard Sale 6/3
• School start update
H. PTA President C. Datz Report:
• 240 members; 40 that are staff
• STEM night coming up
• Basketball fundraiser coming up
• Walking Wednesdays have begun.
• Lots of activities.

I. 1 st VP Report (Jessica Jenkins) – Nothing to report.

J. 2 nd VP Report (Diane Byrne):
• Production details to follow. Will complete a program similar to before (Under
the Sea and Annie are the two options.)
• Golf and tennis will be back. Offering 6 week schedule. Possible every day or
every week. Feedback is positive.
• D. Byrne to connect with others to field suggestions and research other
suggestions such as coding, Spanish, tennis.

K. Treasurer’s Report (Elizabeth Hall):

• Treasurer not present. Report provided by C. Datz.
• Budget is available and will be posted for review.
• Checking account and money market balances stated. Balances stated include all
covered checks.
• Need approx.. $8k to cover expenses.

L. Recording Secretary’s Report (Emily Metzler) – Nothing to report.

M. Corresponding Secretary Report (Danielle Pientka) – Nothing to report.

N. Miscellaneous Discussion:

• PTACHC update:
i. Did adopt new school times – Lisbon ES is likely in the 9:15 start time
based on adopted program.
ii. Opt in or out for bus transportation
iii. Still taking letters and emails.
• Calendars – can we incorporate all events onto calendars?

Next Meeting: 4/12/23 7-8 PM

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