Lisbon Elementary PTA Meeting

Date: Wednesday, January 31, 2024


  • 6:30- 7:00 Open Chat
  • 7:00 – 8:00 Regular Meeting


(PTA Elected Officials)

  1. Cathy Datz (President) 
  2. Jessica Jenkins (1st VP)
  3. Diane Byrne (2nd VP)
  4. Elizabeth Hall (Treasurer)
  5. Danielle Pientka (Corresponding Secretary)

(Specific Noted Attendees/Total Attendees)

  • School Principal – Debra Anoff
  • School Asst. Principal = Bradley Scobie
  • ___12__  total in attendance including PTA elected officials and other named community members/attendees. Debra Anoff, Bradley Scobie, Cathy Datz, Diane Byrne, Danielle Pientka, Jessica Jenkins, Elizabeth Hall, Karen Landry, Catherine Carter, Amy Syversen, Lisa Martin, Ziyu Wang


  1. Call to Order
  2. Introductions
  3. Meeting Minutes Approval – none to approve; NA.
  4. Updates from the President:
    • Snowball dance on Friday
    • Current Membership numbers  174
    • Wizard Game contract has been signed
  1. Updates from J. Jenkins (1st VP):
    • Nothing to report
  2. Updates from D. Byrne (2nd VP):
    • Drama Learning Center sign up is coming but had to shift the schedule (was scheduled possibly 4/22 Tuesday and Wed (tech rehearsal is 5:30-8pm), with potentially Thursday as the show day at 5:30pm but  it may be Memorial Day week). It’s 3 nights in a row and have to store everything at the school so need to finalize it based on when it works to have those nights available. Lots of discussion of when to schedule it and will be decided soon. Show will be 101 Dalmations. All grade levels, ~$225 a child. Bigger production this year with Tech rehearsals and costumes and the show is twice as long.  No scholarships will be available as this is an activity that is through an independent vendor. 
    • Spring TGA tennis, pickleball and golf will be Monday and Tuesday which is the same as art and drama but its the only day he is available. Wednesday is always very full and Thursday tends to be less so it will be interesting to see if its the age of the day of the week. May be due to organized sports outside of the school for the older kids drops attendance for those age groups?
    • Summer camps from HOCO will be posted on Buddy Page
  3. Updates from E. Metzler (Recording Secretary):
    • Nothing to report at this time.
  1. Updates from D. Pientka (Corresponding Secretary):
    • Nothing new to report
    • Cathy- Free State PTA is starting to do trainings. PTACHC made change for reimbursements for staff, we can no longer do direct reimbursements to teachers. We can no longer get receipts from staff for items they have purchased and reimburse them directly. PTA can give $100 reimbursements to Ms Anoff and she can order or reimburse. Mrs. Anoff- Lisbon does not use Amazon Wish list as its important to meet all the requirements of the county and make sure what they want to order is acceptable. Everything that is given is property of the school district. Everything we purchase has to be approved by a county administrator and then can be purchased at an approved vendor. For example, teachers shouldn’t ask for glue sticks or classroom supplies as the county supplies these items. Might look into doing one big order for all teachers at the beginning of the school year through an approved vendor and then disburse the items to the teachers OR do one big donation to Mrs Anoff and they order everything.
  1. Updates from E. Hall (Treasurer)
    • Currently checking $9806.33  Money Market $13,836.96
    • Ms Terranova reports Restaurant Nights $2,096  J&P $375
    • IHOP for PBIS fundraiser is coming up
  2. Community Activity Report- Cathy
    • Snowball this Friday. Everything is all set. Pictures will go out 3-4 weeks after event. 75% sign up as been taken care of. 
    • Stem Night- Karen update: March 1 Headliner is Eric Energy. Parental involvement is lower this year so trying to find new parents that have Stem hobbies or careers to share. Please reach out if you can help
    • Internation Fair- no chair so we aren’t having one this year
    • We may have another Movie Night, Cathy will look at schedule
    • May 3 is Wizards game. Ticket information at end of this month. Turf Valley Resort for the hotel and looking at free room or discount but about the same cost as last year. Assembly 1 or 2 weeks before the game when the team is in the area for another event so we don’t have to pay the travel fee. Glenelg is where the event will be this year and Cathy will be going to check it out next week. 50:50 raffle this year and no raffle baskets.
  3. Teacher Appreciation– PTA is providing lunch for the first day of conferences. We will be doing salads, desserts and beverages. They will have the option of To-Go as well. Valentine’s Day they will be getting cookies from Chic Fil A through their Kindness program.
  4. Updates from the Principal:
    • Budget Season- The board is having public hearings and work sessions available on the website. Very early in the process. 
    • Met with staff for midyear and lots of growth with reading scores.
    • Report cards are coming up. Grades were due yesterday (1/30/24). Report cards will be out on Monday on Synergy.
    • PBIS is working well and there was a popup gold ticket day today.
    • Conferences are next Wednesday and Thursday. In-person on Wednesday afternoon until 4:15pm then it will virtual conferences. Thursday is virtual as well.
  5. Updates from the Asst Principal:
    • MAP testing is underway (Reading and Math). ESOL is engaged in access testing.
    • Teacher recognizing students for ROAR accomplishments

Motion to Adjourn at 7:57 PM – Mr Scobie, Ms Svyersen, Ms Martin

Second – Diane Byrne

In Favor: All

Next Meeting: March 6, 2024

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