General Membership Meeting
January 31, 2024


Call to Order


Attendance/Establish Quorum (7 members)

Ground Rules & Reminders

  1. Be respectful of everyone. Host can mute anyone at any time if necessary.
  2. Mute if you have background noises.
  3. Votes can be virtual if members are seen (turn on picture) during vote.
  4. Please keep topic reports and discussions to 5 minute per person. If a topic discussion becomes 15 minutes an Executive Member (EC) can table til next meeting or plan a separate planning/discussion meet.
  5. Meeting will have a 30 minute pre-meet open meet (630pm)for questions or non-pta discussions and the Principal or Assistant Principal may stay on after the meet (their choice) to follow up or answer questions.
  6. No personnel or personal discussions, please contact the appropriate person to discuss it with them off PTAmeet.

Approve Minutes

President’s Report (Cathy Datz) 

1st VP Report (Jessica Jenkins) 

2nd VP Report (Diane Byrne)

Treasurer’s Report (Elizabeth Hall)

Recording Secretary’s Report (Emily Metzler)

Corresponding Secretary’s Report (Danielle Pientka)

PTACHC Report (Amy Syversen)

Committee/Activity Reports and Topics for Discussion:

 Principal’s Report (Mrs. Anoff)

Assistant Principal’s Report (Mr. Scobie)

Teacher’s Report (TBD)

New Business


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