Meeting Minutes: March 2024

Lisbon Elementary PTA Meeting

Date: Wednesday, March 6, 2024


  • 6:30- 7:00 Open Chat
  • 7:00 – 8:30 Regular Meeting


(PTA Elected Officials)

  1. Cathy Datz, 
  2. Elizabeth Hall
  3. Emily Metzler
  4. Jessica Jenkins

(Community Members/Attendees)

  1. School Principal – Debra Anoff
  2. Karen Landry
  3. Elizabeth Dudley,
  4. Caitie Miller


  1. Call to Order
  2. Introductions
  3. Meeting Minutes Approval:
    • E. Metzler to follow up with D. Pientka to make sure February 2024 minutes are approved and posted to the website.
  4. Asst. Principal Report – Not Present.
  5. Teachers Report – Not Provided.
  6. Regular Agenda Items:
    • Incoming elections: Still looking for a recording secretary and PTACHC Rep.
  7. Recording Secretary – Keeps the minutes of PTA general membership meetings and keeps PTA by-laws.
  8. PTACHC Representatives – 2 year term 2 positions, this position is Lisbon’s PTA representation at the Howard County PTA and is a parent advocate at the County level. PTACHC Reps are a great opportunity to advocate for your child and all children.
    1. Nominating committee will occur at the April meeting.
    • Arts and Drama club going well.  Thank you to Diane Byrne.
    • Plant sale is underway.  Spread the word and get orders in.  Available on Member Hub.
    • Yearbook is moving forward; there are scholarships available if anyone is interested for kids and/or families that are interested or in needs.  Please send photos to Elizabeth Hall if you have any.
  9. 1st VP Report (Jessica Jenkins) – Nothing to report.
  10. 2nd VP Report (Diane Byrne): Not present; nothing to report.
  11. Treasurer’s Report (Elizabeth Hall):
    • $10,986.27 in checking account.
    • $13,837.19 in money market.
  12. Recording Secretary’s Report (Emily Metzler) – Nothing to report.
  13. Corresponding Secretary Report (Danielle Pientka) – Not present.
  14. Principals Report:
    • Reading week this week.  It is Mario Brothers theme week.
    • Reading night is 3.7.24.  12 staff members are staffing to participate. 
    • Assessments are nearing completion.
    • Budget season is going on.
    • Working on staffing for next year.
    • Kindergarten orientation will be held in May with a popsicle playdate.  Tentatively May 1st in the afternoon.  Spread the word for those you know to register for incoming kindergarten.
  15. Miscellaneous Discussion:
    • PTACHC update:
      1. Would not answer any questions with regard to budget and are dealing a lot with high school questions and matters.
    • Teacher appreciation week coordination.
    • Pi (3.14) day coordination.
    • Upcoming Harlem Wizards vs Lisbon Staff Game coordination.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:48

Next Meeting: 4/3/24, 7-8 PM

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