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Many of these events cannot occur without parent volunteers. Please consider volunteering to help chair an activity or help out at an event. Thank you!

PTA Events for the 2023/24 School Year

Below are a list of the PTA events for the year. As PTA meetings occur, we will add a link to the meeting minutes if you are unable to attend and want to review what was said. PTA meetings open at 6:30 PM for open discussion, but the meeting itself begins at 7 PM.


  • 9/8, 5-7:30pm: Back to School Picnic
  • 9/13, 7-8 PM: PTA Meeting [Meeting Minutes]
  • 9/14, 4-7P: Restaurant Night at The Crazy Mason
  • 9/27: Restaurant Night at Tony Locos

Back to School Picnic
About the Event The Back to School picnic is our annual event in the beginning of September to welcome students and families back to Lisbon Elementary School. Local clubs and companies can setup areas to showcase what they offer for Lisbon Youth and Families, and there are food trucks setup as well. Kids can play on the playground while parents catch up!


Fall Festival
About the Event Our annual Fall Festival with games, prizes, contests, and fall fun. This event is partially indoors and partially outdoors. There is a costume parade at 5:30pm in the parking lot.

There is a sensory friendly hour from 5-6, an hour before the event opens to everyone. You need a separate ticket for the sensory friendly hour.

Buy Tickets for Fall Festival Buy Tickets for Sensory Friendly Hour


  • 11/1, 7-8 PM: PTA Meeting [Meeting Minutes]
  • 11/1: Restaurant Night at E.W. Becks in Sykesville
  • 11/17, 6:30 PM: Community Night

Community Night
About the Event Community Night is an annual tradition at Lisbon Elementary School where families and students come to put together Thanksgiving food baskets for local families who need a little extra help with food and activities for the holiday. We collect food and funds to fill 200 Thanksgiving baskets for local and HCPSS families. This is a great way for kids to learn how to be a good citizen. Many local families and businesses donate food to help fill these Thanksgiving food baskets.

Donate Food Donate Money


  • 12/1, 6:30 PM: Movie Night
  • 12/12 5pm: Restaurant Night at Chick Fil A in Mt Airy
  • 12/22: Gifts of Gratitude is DUE: Everyone can choose the amount they’d like to give to various staff members, as low as $2. This allows families to give gifts to everyone from the principal to teachers to bus drivers and the custodian. The staff member will get one gift card with the group amount. AND the Lisbon PTA will receive a 2% kickback from the contribution total. Show your gratitude for our amazing staff – Now through December 22nd (9am):

Movie Night
About the Event Movie Night is our annual night to get together with friends, enjoying popcorn and friends in the cafeteria as we watch a family friendly movie!


  • 1/3, 7-8 PM: PTA Meeting [Meeting Minutes]
  • 1/17: Restaurant Night at New York J&P Pizza in Mt Airy

Snow Ball Dance
About the Event Our annual dance.


STEM Night
About the Event A night to encourage science, technology, engineering and mathematics at Lisbon Elementary School.


International Fair
About the Event Come celebrate diversity in our community for the International Fair.


  • 4/3/24, 7-8 PM: PTA Meeting ] [Meeting Minutes]
  • 4/9/24, Stratosphere Social, Eldersburg 4-9pm
  • 4/24/24, EW Becks Restaurant Night, 11:30AM-9PM
  • 4/28/24, 6:30 PM: International Fair CANCELED FOR 2024 DUE TO NO CHAIR


  • 5/1/24, 7-8 PM: PTA Meeting [Meeting Minutes]
  • 5/3/24, 6:30pm Harlem Wizards vs. Lisbon Elem Staff at Glenelg High School
  • 5/14/24, 11:30AM-10:30PM: Restaurant Night at TeaTop
  • Pickup Plants from the PTA Plant Sale

Harlem Wizards vs. Lisbon Lion Staff
About the Event May 3, 2024

Purchase tickets:
Concessions including Pizza will be for sale at 530pm benefits the Glenelg HS marching band.


  • No PTA Meetings Scheduled

Summer Events

  • No PTA Meetings Scheduled