Agenda: February 1, 2023

Ground Rules & Reminders

  • Be respectful of everyone. Host can mute anyone at any time if necessary.
  • Mute if you have background noises.
  • Votes can be virtual if members are seen (turn on picture) during vote.
  • Please keep topic reports and discussions to 5 minute per person. If a topic discussion becomes 15 minutes an Executive Member (EC) can table til next meeting or plan a separate planning/discussion meet.
  • Meeting will have a 30 minute pre-meet open meet (630pm)for questions or non-pta discussions and the Principal or Assistant Principal may stay on after the meet (their choice) to follow up or answer questions.
  • No personnel or personal discussions, please contact the appropriate person to discuss it with them off PTAmeet.


  • Approve Minutes
  • President’s Report (Cathy Datz)
  • Harlem Wizards game contract
  • Lion Costume Rental- link below
  • (
  • GJACC Contract
  • New Credit Card reader – Elizabeth
  • GOG update
  • School Start Times Update
  • 1st VP Report (Jessica Jenkins)
  • 2nd VP Report (Diane Byrne)
  • Treasurer’s Report (Elizabeth Hall)
  • Recording Secretary’s Report (Emily Metzler)
  • Corresponding Secretary’s Report (Danielle Pientka)
  • PTACHC Report (Amy Syversen)
  • Principal’s Report (Mrs. Anoff)
  • Assistant Principal’s Report (Mr. Scobie)
  • Teacher’s Report (TBD)
  • Fundraising Committee – Tina
  • Staff Appreciation Committee – Carmen
  • STEM night Update – Karen Landry
  • International Fair Update – Cathy
  • Plant sale – Diane
  • Yard Sale – Tina and Cathy
  • New Business
    • Next meeting date, time, place
  • Adjourn

Meeting Minutes

Lisbon Elementary PTA Meeting
Date: Wednesday, February 1, 2023
Time: 7 PM


(PTA Elected Officials)

  1. Cathy Datz, 
  2. Diane Byrne, 
  3. Ellen Bockelman
  4. Elizabeth Hall

(Community Members/Attendees)

  1. School Principal – Debra Anoff
  2. Vice Principal – Bradley Scobie
  3. Danielle Pientka,
  4. Karen Landry
  5. Eric Syversen
  6. Christina Terranova
  7. Tim Goetzinger


January 2023 Meeting Minutes Approved by: Cathy Datz, Elizabeth Hall, Bradley Scobie, Deborah Anoff, Eric Syversen, and Tim Goetzinger.

President’s Report (Cathy Datz): We have signed the contract with the Harlem Wizards and have 22 people signed up to play. We have 510 seats available. Total for 5 hours at the Community Center is $600. The fundraiser will be called “May Madness.” Do we want to rent a Lion Costume for $90 and have someone dress up as the school mascot for the event? The Wizards will be running ticket sales through their website and will provide marketing materials.

We have a new credit card reader for our events now. The card reader goes through our Memberhub account and there is a fee assigned to the payer. We will still continue to take cash and checks.

1st VP Report (Jessica Jenkins): Nothing to report.

2nd VP Report (Diane Byrne): Drama and golf are in session. We’d love feedback as we will be setting up the next round for Spring. The golf instructor also offers tennis. Please send Diane Byrne feedback on the offerings and instructors.

Treasurer’s Report (Elizabeth Hall): Updates on current bank account, but we still have some outstanding items. Please send any photos for the yearbook if you have them from Lisbon activities. Yearbooks will be sold online again this year. Yearbooks must be finished by April. 5th Graders will need to buy their own yearbooks this year.

Recording Secretary’s Report (Emily Metzler): Not in attendance.

Corresponding Secretary’s Report (Danielle Pientka): Please send Danielle any updates for the website and newsletter by the last week of the month.

PTACHC Report (Eric Syversen): December/January Meetings- They reviewed the general planning for HoCo, including land use. They gave the calendar for the rest of the board meetings. They discussed teacher incentive pay and changing in school start times. The name of the new high school was decided on, but it hasn’t been released yet. They reported on the current bus driver shortage and how that relates to the change in school times. School start time vote is February 28, 2023.

Assistant Principal’s Report (Mr. Scobie): We had a great time at the Snowball Social. Report cards are available online today in Canvas. If you visit under Academics, you can see all of the available supports for different subject areas. There is a parent video library to show the skills and strategies for different subjects,

Principal’s Report (Mrs. Anoff): No report.

Teacher’s Report (TBD): No report.

Fundraising Committee – Tina: We have worked really hard to get at least one restaurant night per month. Walkers is offering 10% of all sales for dining, carry out, and gift cards, but you have to mention you’re here for Lisbon and show the flyer (or the internet flyer); you can even order a gift card over the phone.

On March 1, we have the Crazy Mason Milkshake fundraiser. The first 60 customers get a special Lisbon mason jar. March 14th is the Chipotle restaurant night, then Becks after that. We received about 50 responses for the Where Do You Like to Eat Survey… this survey is still open if you want to participate. We would like to setup more restaurant events to help support the PTA and work on community-building.

Staff Appreciation Committee – Carmen: Carmen’s child is graduating so we need someone new to take over for next year.

STEM night Update – Karen Landry: Karen Landry is going to be sending out information about this event soon.

International Fair Update – Cathy: Ellen is going to be helping Cathy with the International Fair.

Plant sale – Diane: Amy and Diane are going to be working on this.

Yard Sale – Tina and Cathy: That information will be going out soon. Please help get the word out so we get more vendors and people participating.

New Business

  • Ellen Bockelman: We have an opportunity to earn $1500 if we participate and host a PTA Connected event. We would need to recruit up to 100 parents to attend an event about kids and screentime, and fill out a survey. This is sponsored by AT&T and through the National PTA. Our PTA will be responding that we aren’t interested in participating.
  • Eric Syversen mentioned that there have been limited choices for later lunches (ie. 5th grade) as they’re running out of certain foods which is particularly difficult for students with limited dietary choices such as vegetarians.
  • We have the option to do a 50/50 auction at the basketball game, or a raffle. As long as we don’t purchase anything, we don’t have to pay the taxes on the value of the item. Ie. if we purchase a Coach bag for $50 but it’s valued at $500, we have to pay taxes on $500. But if someone donated a Coach bag, we don’t need to pay taxes on it. Eric Syversen related that the raffles were very popular at the Harlem Wizards game that he attended. The Wizards would like us to have a committee of 4 people for planning.

Next meeting date, time, place: The meeting will be March 8th, 2023 at 7pm. We are moving the date from the 1st as that is our milkshake fundraiser.

Adjourn: Meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm.

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