Agenda: September 7, 2022

Ground Rules & Reminders

  • Be respectful of everyone. Host can mute anyone at any time if necessary.
  • Mute if you have background noises.
  • Votes can be virtual if members are seen (turn on picture) during vote.
  • Please keep topic reports and discussions to 5 minute per person. If a topic discussion becomes 15 minutes an Executive Member (EC) can table til next meeting or plan a separate planning/discussion meet.
  • Meeting will have a 30 minute pre-meet open meet (630pm)for questions or non-pta discussions and the Principal or Assistant Principal may stay on after the meet (their choice) to follow up or answer questions.
  • No personnel or personal discussions, please contact the appropriate person to discuss it with them off PTAmeet.


  • Call to Order
  • Introduction
  • Attendance/Establish Quorum (7 members)
  • Approve Minutes
  • President’s Report (Cathy Datz)
  • 1st VP Report (Jessica Jenkins)
  • 2nd VP Report (Diane Byrne)
  • Treasurer’s Report (Elizabeth Hall)
  • Recording Secretary’s Report (Emily Metzler)
  • Corresponding Secretary’s Report (Danielle Pientka)
  • PTACHC Report (Amy Syversen)
  • Committee/Activity Reports and Topics for Discussion
  • Principal’s Report (Mrs. Anoff)
  • Assistant Principal’s Report (Mr. Scobie)
  • Teacher’s Report (TBD)
  • New Business
  • Next meeting date, time, place
  • Adjourn

Meeting Minutes

To be added.

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