Lisbon Elementary PTA Meeting

Date: Wednesday, October 4th, 2023


  • 6:30- 7:00 Open Chat
  • 7:00 – 8:00 Regular Meeting


(PTA Elected Officials)

  1. Cathy Datz (President) 
  2. Jessica Jenkins (1st VP)
  3. Diane Byrne (2nd VP)
  4. Elizabeth Hall (Treasurer)
  5. Danielle Pientka (Corresponding Secretary)

(Specific Noted Attendees/Total Attendees)

  • School Principal – Debra Anoff
  • School Asst. Principal = Bradley Scobie
  • _________ total in attendance including PTA elected officials and other named community members/attendees.


  1. Call to Order
  2. Introductions
  3. Meeting Minutes Approval – none to approve; NA.
  4. Updates from the President:
    • Brief meeting rule overview for attendees of the meeting.
    • Update on recent community night.  Went well and rain held off for the most part.
    • Nothing else to report.
  5. Updates from J. Jenkins (1st VP):
    • PTA will be pursuing the School of Excellence again.  Additional information is forthcoming.
  6. Updates from D. Byrne (2nd VP):
    • After-school sessions are underway.
    • Question posed – How will new start times impact after-school programs?  Answer: PTA is not yet aware how the start times will impact the after-school programs since information just came out about the change in start times.  We will have to await more information.
  7. Updates from E. Metzler (Recording Secretary):
    • Nothing to report at this time.
  1. Updates from D. Pientka (Corresponding Secretary):
    • Updates on member signup genius for committees.
  2. Updates from E. Hall (Treasurer)
    • Provided updates on checking and money market balances as of current date.
  3. Updates from the Principal:
    • Lisbon ES puts out Lisbon Lines Newsletters every Friday with information to the parents and families that includes important information from the PTA and school.
    • The kids and faculty have been spending time acclimating and welcoming everyone back.
    • Questions to principal:
      1. Briefly noted community concerns over school start change times.
      2. Teacher wish list cannot put up Amazon wish list or donor choose unless vetted or approved by the principal.
        • Discussed having a teacher favorite list including policies, positives of the list, and how to make it available.
  4. Updates from the Asst Principal:
    • New student recognition – speaking to how welcome new students feel and a testament to the great families.
    • Bus driver accolades – celebrating the great bus drivers driving for Lisbon Elementary who have been fabulous and have given us far fewer bumps than what others may be experiencing.  Responsive, flexible and done an amazing job!
    • Thank you to all the families!
  5. Member Stats:
    • 34 members as of 9/13/23
  6. Other Items:
  7. Motion to Adjourn at 8:04 PM – Cathy Datz
  8. Second – Diane Byrne
  9. In Favor: All
  10. Next Meeting: 7-8 PM

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